Ode to San Francisco on 4/20

(Graphic courtesy of Harvest)

Hippie Hill
All will be

April 20th.

Show up at
Hippie Hill.
It's a

Smoke among
Hundreds of kids
Waiting for 4:20.

Shameless Plug: Mike Spiegelman Performs at SF Sketchfest 2016


On Saturday, January 23, 2016, as part of the 15th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest, Luggage Tuesdays' own Mike Spiegelman performs with Colin Mahan as The Great Difficulties in The Greatest Difficulty on Earth! Tickets are still available.

Spiegelman has received some press this year for the festival:

SF Sketchfest Bits You Don’t Want to Miss 
Rally! by Eventbrite
Bombardier; The Great Difficulties; Mike Breen
UNION SQUARE Jan. 23, 8 PM – 10 PM PianoFight (144 Taylor)
This PianoFight showcase features UCB LA troupe Bombardier and Brooklyn one-man-show Mike Breen. But what we’re really excited about is The Great Difficulties, comprised of Colin Mahan and Mike Spiegelman of founding Sketchfest performing troupe, The Fresh Robots. Expect mind-blowing meta-cultural commentary, ‘80s action movie impressions, and a lot of words. So many words.

For Local Comics, SF Sketchfest Is More a Vision Board Than a Jackpot
KQED by Keli Dailey
For an anecdote about unexpected magic between locals and out-of-towners at Sketchfest, consider Mike Spiegelman. He talked with me as he readied to take a worn wooden stage for his Tuesday showcase at Oakland’s Layover. In the rear of this narrow bar, a cluster of comics were sharing gossip on pillow-strewn banquettes. (Spiegelman would later introduce them as: “Probably the finest comedians who could make it on time.”) 
I ask for his biggest Sketchfest memory. No, not the time he was in the newspaper as part of the inaugural Sketchfest in 2002, back when when it was exclusively Bay Area entertainers. “I (was) in the paper…but I had no money. I really couldn’t pay rent,” he says. 
The highlight was the time Sketchfest co-founder Cole Stratton needed a last-minute stand-in for a live reading of “Shakes the Clown,” so Spiegelman joined a famous ensemble with Bobcat Goldthwait, Kevin Pollack, Julie Brown, and others for a rendition of the 1992 cult movie. 
“I got to perform for so many Shakes fans.” 
Spiegelman’s now entering his eighth Sketchfest of the 15 there have been, this time with a sketch group called the Great Difficulties. Making new comedy connections for work opportunities is great, he notes. But Spiegelman concentrates his praise on organizers for their dedication to making comics’ experiences special over all.
 “You get to meet your comedy heroes.”

Garlic Jokes

A man walks into a produce store. He looks for an employee but doesn't find anyone. Desperately, he approaches a pile of garlic. "Do you work here?" he asks the pile. The garlic bulbs respond, "No, we're cloves." The man says, "But your sign says you're open."
How to roast garlic:
Rent a hall, invite guests to dinner honoring garlic, hire band, hire comedians, approach dias, face audience, lift champagne flute, and then profanely mock garlic's accomplishments.

Did You Hear About The Restaurant on The Moon? Jokes

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
Yes, it has great food but no atmosphere.

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
Yes, Zagat says it has "great food" but "no atmosphere."

Related: "Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?" joke explained to children. 

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon?
You did? Where did you hear aobut it, at your job at NASA?

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Seems pleasant, but has a dark side.

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food but lousy delivery.

Related: Yelp Reviews for The Restaurant on the Moon 

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Can't miss it, right next to the sign, "LAST FOOD BEFORE MARS."

Yelp Reviews for The Restaurant On The Moon

The Restaurant On The Moon

3.5 star rating 394 reviews
Rating details $$  Diners

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The Restaurant on The Moon
Sea of Tranquility Port #1, Sea of Traquility, The Moon
Get Directions

Phone number: (800) GR8-FOOD
Business website nasa.gov/seaoftranquilityport1/restaurantonthemoon

Review Highlights
"By now you've probably heard about the restaurant on the moon..." in 348 reviews.
"Great food but no..." in 347 reviews.

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Recommended Reviews
Jeff S.
San Francisco, CA
314 friends, 671 reviews, Elite '15
3.0 star rating
1 check-in
"Great food but no atmosphere."
Comment from Oscar B. of The Restaurant On The Moon
Business Owner
"Thank you so much for your review. It pains me to say this, but the joke is on you, Jeff.  We have atmosphere courtesy of our oxygen tanks and gravitation monitors. If you were as observant in real life as you are snarky online, Jeff, you would had noticed them upon descent."

Wendy E.
Hollywood, Fl
99 friends, 32 reviews
2.5 star rating
"I heard The Restaurant On The Moon has great food but no atmosphere."
Comment from Oscar B. of The Restaurant On The Moon
Business Owner
"Sounds like conjecture based on hearsay. I've contacted Yelp about removing this and other 'reviews.' When you're ready to review our actual restaurant, Tina, I'll have a complimentary cup of coffee drink waiting for you."

Harris J.
Miami, FL
45 friends, 6 reviews
3.5 star rating
"Great food but no atmosphere."
Comment from Oscar B. of The Restaurant On The Moon
Business Owner
"Thanks for your review slash joke. If we had a nickel for every time we heard that joke, we'd close shop and retire on Phobos. At least we can both agree with the set-up, Harris: we do have great food."

Hack List August 2015: On a Very Special...

Here's a list of television episodes considered hacky during the month of August, 2015:

Sister, Sister
On a very special Sister, Sister, Tia and Tamera win the Twins Beauty Contest Original Sketch Comedy Competition, only to admitting their mirror routine was ripped off from The Marx Brothers' Duck Soup.

Foul-Ups, Bleeps, and Blunders
On a very special Foul-Ups, Bleeps, and Blunders, host Don Rickles mistakenly calls the show "Dick Clarke's TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes."

On a very special Wings, the two Hackett brothers, Helen, Roy, Fay, Scarpacci, and Lowell run out of comedic situations and search for an author.