Shameless Plug: Mike Spiegelman Performs at the 16th Annual SF Sketchfest

Mike Spiegelman (of Luggage Tuesdays) and Colin Mahan return to the San Francisco Sketchfest on Friday, January 20th at 11pm. As The Great Difficulties, they will perform with Charles, Sentimental Lady, and Austin Wolf-Sothern. Purchase tickets here. 

A Hipster Walks Into a Bar Joke

A hipster walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Would you care for our drinks menu?" and the hipster says, "No thanks. I've already read it on Scribd."

Movie Pitches

Spy thriller where Average Joe Tennis Pro Kevin "Clutch" Peterson accidentally mistakes a top secret can of Pringles chips for his canister of tennis balls.

Romance set at the DMV. Young lovers meet cute, fall in love, and break up while waiting in line at the DMV.

Movie parody of movie parodies called "Not Another Normal Movie."

Hack List 2016

There will be no Hack List for the year 2016.

A Hipster Walks Into a Bar Joke. A Man Walks Into a Hipster Bar Joke.

A hipster walks into a bar. Bartender says, "What'll it be?" The hipster looks up from his phone and says, "I just told you on your app."

A man walks into a hipster bar. Bartender ignores him.

Hack List December 2015

Here's what's hacky during December 2015. Posted June 2016.

  • A DVD menu themed pinball machine.
  • A Monopoly themed Monopoly board game.
  • A Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope themed wedding followed by a Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones separation.
  • Desperate to be liked by the birthday boy, I bake him a birthday cake and frost it with birthday cake flavored icing.