I'm Mike Spiegelman, I write Luggage Tuesdays, a humor site.

Back in 2002 or '03, I had taken over as host of the Luggage Store Gallery stand-up comedy open mic in San Francisco after the great Tony Sparks stepped down. Tony had ran the room for over a decade on Tuesday nights and it was beloved by Bay Area comedians. The room inspired comedians to write new material. I ran it for 6 months, even started a Blogspot for it, before another comedian took over the room.

When the open mic ended in 2003, I left its Blogspot site dormant. I was about to delete it in 2007 but decided to relaunch it as a humor site where I write new material. In a move that's both controversial and confusing, I kept the name.

I kept the name as homage and jumping off point. Luggage Tuesdays the humor site is not affiliated with the Luggage Store Gallery or the old Luggage mic on Tuesdays, just inspired by them.

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