More sequels to "Daddy Day Care" announced

Daddy Day Cats
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Bob Thorton
Premise: Two stay-at-home dads open their own animal shelter.
Joke from trailer: "What is the sports section doing on the kitchen floor? Ew, cat poopie!"

Daddy Day Cans
Starring: Terry Crews, Walton Goggins
Premise: Two stay-at-home dads open their own recycling center.
Joke from trailer: "That's not glass, that's dookie!"

Daddy Day Cave
Starring: Savion Glover, Joe Piscopo
Premise: Sometimes, even daddies need to get away during the day and mediatate in their own cave.
Joke from trailer: "Ommmm. Ommmm."


Unknown said...

Daddy Day Calm: The Nap attack!

Joke from trailer: "That's not oneness...that's number 2!"

Unknown said...

Soory, I meant that for "Daddy Day Cave"


Unknown said...

"Daddy Day Cribz"

Starring: James Todd "LL Cool J" Smith III, Dax Shepherd

Premise: Two stay-at-home baby-daddies open a child care facility in their urban bachelor pad

Joke from trailer: "You ever notice how white babies are all hrmm hrnn hr hrnnn and black babies are all hmmmrn hrrn hrrn?"