Old Proposals

Written Proposal: Spiegelmania Theme Song

Bom, bom, Da DAH DAH dah doo dah, me tak tak tic, wigga-wigga-WACK. Spa-spa-spa-Spiegelmania! Oh uh uh! Rutger Hauer, sampled from Blade Runner: Wake up, time to die. Time, time, T-t-t-t-time to die. Bom, bom, bom bom. Wack! Bom, bee bah BAH. Hauer: Wake up.

Written Proposal: Spiegelmania Sitcom

OK, Who’s been using my toothbrush? Arf Arf! [Laughter] You, Puppyzoid? But why…? Arf arf arf, bark bark! [Cheers and applause] What’s all this racket? Oh no, Puppyzoid, you woke up dad! [Applause] Damn dog. Son, just hit him with a rolled up newspaper, worked when you were a puppy. [Laughter] But, Dad, that’s dog abuse. [Audience “awws”] On a very special “Spiegelmania”.

Written Proposal: Spiegelmania movie

Look out! Boom! Run! Throw me the diamonds! Don’t it’s a trap! Wha…?! You…?! But I thought you were dead! Yeah, I am dead…dead angry! Spa-spa-spa-Spiegelmania! Oh uh uh! Hauer: Time to die, time to die. Pow! Kay! Mart! Stop them…huh, you?! Hey, Ballbuster, time to polish your family jewels! Kickbox! Ouch, my nuts!

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