Descriptions of Top Viral Videos for This Hour

Adorable Cat - Some cat meows a lot. So cute!

Response to Parody of Parody of Popular YouTube Video - Seems that MrFletch69 takes umbrage to Lemon72's send-up of Tom Cruise singing "Chocolate Rain."

Will Ferrell's Friend's Cute Daughter - This time she plays a soccer coach/NASCAR driver/anchorman/ice skater/basketball star/Dick York.

College Dude Does Something Stupid - His dormmate is too busy videotaping to save him.

Anonymous vs Bedtime - Internet denizen protests Mom's new 10pm curfew.

Your Co-Worker's Sketch Comedy Group - Vote for them today. Simply sign up and click!

Alan Colmes Speaks Up on FoxNews' Hannity and Colmes - Colmes finally speaks up; asks for a glass of water.

Sounds of the Ocean, Featuring T-Pain

Baby Gets Mauled by Big Dog- It's funnier than it sounds. You had to be there.

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