Note to Readers of the Print Edition: This Means You, Gary and Debbie

The hard-copy edition of Luggage Tuesdays will pare down effective immediately. This reflects rising costs, the current economy, and Debbie's recent engagement. Profits have been down, way down, since Gary stopped returning phone calls. To reduce overhead, the paper version will be reduced. The Business and National News sections will be combined to form one single section, BizNatch. This will not compromise quality, as evident in our award-winning Sparts section.

Subtle changes have been made to save space. International news has been cut. Local columnists no longer will talk about their cats. Names of presidential candidates will be replaced by symbols. Dilbert's final panel will be replaced by the Jumble. Finally, the television listings have been reduced to prime-time scheduling on Fuse. Tonight: Vision Quest (1985) Matthew Modine, Linda Fiorentino.

In its heyday, the print edition was read by Debbie, Gary, and his roommates. The seminal Factsheet Five Magazine once called it "a zine...luggage." The print edition varied from its online counterpoint by adding home addresses of those interviewed. It was the first to cover the explosive Goldfarb scandal.

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