Family Restaurant Menu, Part 6.5: Entrees: Holiday Meals

In observance of Yom Kippur, our buffet tables will remain empty.

New! Eggnog and Bacon, with Hash Browns, Short Stack, Toast, and Coffee
What gives this breakfast gift a little kick? 'Tis the seasonings pepper and salt/sodium.

New! Hopping John New Year's Day Dish
Start your resolutions right with our healthy and affordable bowl. We've replaced bacon and ham hocks with turkey bacon and lean duck, respectively.

Substitutions, please add $2.99:
Substitute turkey bacon with real bacon.
Substitute duck with real ham hocks.
Substitute black-eyed peas with M&Ms.

Old Favorite! Plate of Brownies
Can't be a holiday without it.

Turkey, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Stuffing, Yams, and Cranberry Sauce Astronaut Pill
That's one small step for [a] man to eat a holiday classic in the form of a tablet. NASA traded us these for 20 deep fryers. Served with vodka.

Divisions, please add $2.99:
1/2 Pill, 1/2 Soup
1/2 Pill, 1/2 Salad

New Twist! Gefilte Fish on Leavened Bread
Oy, Gefilte! Our juicy patties are packed with carp, leavened matzah, eggs, onions, and carrots, smothered in chilled gelatin. We place it on a slice of white bread, with a schmear of Miracle Whip, on a bed of lettuce.

Additions, please add $2.99:
Add Horseradish
Add Bacon

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