Children's Letters to St. Jude

Thank you, St. Jude. Roger, Age 6

St. Jude, you suck. Psyche! You're cool, even if you're lame. Double Psyche! Lance, Age 11

Thank you, St. Jude, for giving me the strength to sit through Transformers: The Movie. Why do robots fight over a cube? WTF? Maria, Age 9

St. Jude, I've requested your assistance over the last five years of my life and you were always there. I am 5 and three-fourths years old. Patrick, Age 5

Thank you, Spongebob, for helping me and answering my prayers. I mean, St. Jude. Liz, Age 7

Thank you St. Jude for helping me with my boo-boo. Shawn, Age 8

Thank you so much for blessing my father with new employment, St. Jude. I am grateful and I thank you for hearing my prayer. Elizabeth, Age 26

I peed on the boys' monkey bars pretty badly. St. Jude, You showed me acceptance and that made me feel better. Wait, no it doesn't. Michael, Age 5

St. Jude, thank you very much for helping me with my special intention. And thank you for Star Wars. Zak, Age 3


Dean said...

All these St. Jude letters and not one Danny Thomas/Marlo Thomas joke?

Luggage Tuesdays said...

I didn't even realize the late Danny Thomas founded something called the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

To be fair, I get Danny and Marlo Thomas mixed up with Edgar and Candice Bergen all the time.