Endings to this Summer's Blockbuster Movies

A sequel has been established (Exception, Iron Man: Four sequels have been established).

Animated movie offers ersatz bloopers.

The old guy survives all his adventures.

The cast and crew sing a song and pretend to be happy.

You remember the twist ending from an '80s episode of Twilight Zone.

Mike Myers looks into the camera and shrugs.

Look out! The shark isn't dead yet!

There is an ending to Speed Racer.

They get it on.

Rob Schneider, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Steve Buscemi, Nicholas Turturro, Robert Smigel, Kathy Bates, Nick Griffith, Henry Winkler, Dennis Dugan, Peter Dante, and Allen Covert all make surprise cameos.

Warning, spoilers.

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