Grads and Dads Upper Body Spray Gift Pak Deluxe, Now Half-Off!

Your young stud is graduating and you like how he smells: confused. Stir up his hormonal swamp with this tawdry present of alluring aromas from Upper Body Sprays. It's ideal for shirtless basketball games, first dates, or discos populated by Europeans. Like your torrid affair, he'll wear it until he knows better.

Or, you forgot Father's Day and have to send Dad a present. This could pass at this point.

Each gift pack contains:

7 24oz Upper Body MaxiSpray Bottles: Man Musk, Arctic Sneeze, He Fruit, Sweat Valley, Pixie Charm Powder, PCP Xtreme, Sports Spray (Off-Season)

4 400 ml Upper Body Spray Shower Gel Water Party Kit: Seaside Xcapade, Closing Time, Sex Citrus, Burnt Hair Breeze

1 296oz MegaRain Refill Drum

1 1oz Paint Can of Upper Body Spray PM Smooth After Shower Talc

2 6oz Bottles of Upper Body Spray Coconut Spice Extreme After Shave Gel

1 4oz Box of Upper Body Spray Island Memory Moisturizing After Shit Wipes

1 3oz Upper Body Spray Let It Ride Crystal Lab Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Stick

1 8oz Cologne Atomizer of Upper Body Spray Cologne: Knight Hawk

1 8oz Perfume Bottle of Upper Body Spray Perfume: Knight Hawk for Her

2 32oz Aerosol Cans of Upper Body Spray Eau de Toilet, Odorless

29 wooden Scrabble tiles, assorted

1 Friend Bracelet, Rainbow

1 Pair of Tickets to Natural Treasure 3: Chambers of Enigmas, when available

1 Swatch Watch Catalog, with certain models half-heartedly circled in ink

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