Continuation of the Previous Bit: The Best Websites for Making Free Bingo Cards

Tired of hand-printing bingo cards? Sick of high prices for mass production of bingo cards? Relax already, thanks to the Internet. Free, user-friendly bingo cards are just a mouse click or hot key action away. Here are our opinionated votes for 2008's best websites to design and print free bingo cards:

Unlike other free bingo card sites, BNG has no vowels in its name. Other Web 2.0 features include choice of border color and numbers preference.
Manufacture hundreds of cards, purchase metal spinner and ping pong balls, and rent tables and halls, thanks to the kind mob behind this site. In return, the mob simply asks in return for seventy-five percent of the business, plus interest on upcoming loans. Juice starts at ten percent.
Bingo card templates are just some of the features on this site, showing its first major revamp since 2001.
Social networking site for free bingo card templates. Not as popular as

Please note: As of 2009, all sites have folded.

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