Family Restaurant Menu, Part 11: Kids Menu

New! Kids Meals 
All meals come with French fries, tater tots, ginger snaps, or a time-out.

Hot Dog
Mac N Cheese
Macnburger Dog

Crustless Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Add Bacon
Add Crust

New! Big-Boned Kids Meals 
All Big-Boned meals come with chicken tenders.

Ham, Burger
Mac N Cheesewheel 
BLT - Bacon, Lettuce and Taco Sandwich

New! Junk Food disguised as Healthy Food 
Little fussy eaters today eat only nutritional foods they see on television and share on the playground. Trick them into eating fast food disguised as their favorite vegetable. Then, in the car ride back, break the news to them.

Pizza rolls-stuffed bell peppers
Chili dog shaped like brussel sprouts 
Hamburger shaped like a hot dog

New! Kid's Pasta That's Not Mac N Cheese 

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Vegetarian option: Spaghetti

New! Pizza for Infants 
Our single-serving pies feature the most popular toppings for infants, according to Google, Jr.:
Cheese, pepperoni, crap off the floor, paper receipts, chokeables, Daddy's cellphone, cat poop, soda cap, shiny keys.

Puzzle Page for Kids! 

Must purchase meal before solving puzzles. 

Word Search
How many table activities can you find? 

Krossword for Kids 

1 Across - "Cheesy" part of Mac N Cheese
2 Down - You'd need to crack these to make an omelet
3 Down - Lettuce dish
4 Across - Nick and Nora's Dog

Coloring Fun


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