Endings to Mystery Novels Written by Moonlighting Children's Book Authors

Where's Wildo?

...Wildo is behind the coconut tree next to the French sailor below the steampunk robot.

Goodnight Mystery

...Goodnight mystery reader. Goodnight mystery novel. Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight already.

Dictionary Poodle and the Case of the Missing Blueberry Pie

..."Peter Pit Bull, you ate the last blueberry pie!" barked Dictionary Poodle.

"What's your proof?" woofed Peter Pit Pull.

Do you know the solution?

Answer: Peter Pit Bull's teeth were blue from the blueberries. Plus his butt smelled like blueberries.

"You got me," howled Peter Pit Bull. "Goodnight, Dictionary Poodle."

"Goodnight," yelped Dictionary Poodle.

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