Spam Correspondence Addressed to United States Presidents

Cross-blogged at Library of Congress and Smithsonian Institution.

To: Chester Arthur
From: Bob Parade
Subject: How To Become Very Wealthy Without Anyone Knowing

To: John Adams
From: UP all N1te
Subject: Your instrument will stay on duty when you need that.

To: Richard Nixon
From: Square Trader
Subject: Need to send big email campaign? We can help!

To: William J. Clinton
From: Lacey Waternaught
Subject: HighEnd HighQuality Watch&HandBag Knock-0ffs?

To: Zachary Taylor
From: Midred Chublander
Subject: Lets Chat Tonight?

To: John Quincy Adams
From: Van Midsection
Subject: I got you a job

To: Grover Cleveland
From: Snuggie As Seen On MSNBC
Subject: Wear your blanket

To: James Buchanan
Subject: Improve Your Coffeemaker Peni.s Save on Printer ink

To: George Washington
From: Manic Abertsons
Subject: I found you a new job

To: William McKinley
From: Menu Langsport, Jr.
Subject: website design service - we have not received any reply yet.

To: Barack H. Obama
From: Louis Hammer
Subject: 100mg x 30 pills

To: John Tyler
Subject: Your dad would love this watch

To: James Madison
From: Guy Dudeman
Subject: Re: Hello

To: Calvin Coolidge
From: Sand Monster 6
Subject: Re: Hello

To: Rutherford B. Hayes
From: Gr0w McDonald
Subject: Re: Hi

To: George W. Bush
From: Michael J. Burgertime
Subject: Lets Chat Tonight?

To: Gerald Ford
From: Sandwich Rourke
Subject: Increase Your Sexual Preformances

To: Benjamin Harrison
From: Tubby Van Gobot
Subject: Recommended on all Mens' Magazines?

To: Harry S Truman
From: Singed Hairballbee

To: Woodrow Wilson
From: Sonic H. Edgehog
Subject: 24 Hour Prescription call in service. What you will need !?

To: Lyndon Johnson
Subject: Profits & Value: Join the Program!?

To: William Howard Taft
From: Pavilion Racehorse
Subject: Re: Hello

To: George H. W. Bush
From: James "Radio" Kennedy
Subject: Re: Hello

To: William Henry Harrison
From: Sigmund Uppercut
Subject: Bob Proctor and John Assaraf on Ellen Degeneres?

To: Calvin Coolidge
Subject: Earn Your Nursing Degree Today

To: Warren Harding
From: Criminal Justice Degree
Subject: Watch TV from around the world on your computer

To: Zachary Taylor
From: Simon Logenfield
Subject: Loan modification saves your home

To: George H. W. Bush
From: Instructions On Watching Televis
Subject: If you stick to a diet, your extra weight will come back like a boomerang.

To: Martin Van Buren
From: Peter Denver
Subject: How many sites have you posted your resume on?

To: Ulysses S. Grant
From: Charlotte Intermind
Subject: re: your photo

To: Andrew Jackson
From: David Hanley
Subject: If you stick to a diet, your extra weight will come back l

To: Theodore Roosevelt
From: Shrimp Muncher
Subject: eBay users need to check out

To: Ronald Reagan
From: Secret Meat Weapon
Subject: Instantly boost your website's traffic?

To: James Monroe
From: Lunch Counter
Subject: 12 Hour Prescription call in service

To: Abraham Lincoln
From: Shepard Wallace
Subject: How To Become Very Rich Without Anyone Knowing?

To: William Howard Taft
From: Rigid Member
Subject: You have made $300? - Ever heard of the eBay ca$h machine ?

To: Richard Nixon
Subject: Dearest Uncle,?

To: Franklin D. Roosevelt
From: Sanka Building
Subject: New Private Community Giving You A Residual Income!?

To: Franklin Pierce
From: Ink Toner
Subject: Support Obama, buying from us Drink Space Shuttle?

To: Andrew Jackson
From: Dottie Marchecker
Subject: 24 Hour Prescription call in. Doctors are available by phone

To: James Carter
From: Meathook Wilkensen
Subject: Shoppers don't miss this $500 Shopping Gift Card

To: Martin Van Buren
From: Tony Takeapenny
Subject: This is New!

To: Theodore Roosevelt
Subject: Make up to $500 per day, working less than one hour per day

To: Thomas Jefferson
From: Clemintine the 3rd
Subject: divert 1000s of fresh new visitors daily to Your web site?

To: James Garfield
From: Pills Aplenty
Subject: Garfield, **Second Chance** Enjoy Popular Science Digital

To: John F. Kennedy
From: Make her Smi1e
Subject: Re: Hello

To: Dwight D. Eisenhower
From: Upperton Middleberry
Subject: Message Aleert - You Have 1 Important Unread Message

To: James Knox Polk
From: Ivan Van Eye
Subject: How to get free quality visitors to your website?

To: Millard Fillmore
From: Instructions on Watching Telev
Subject: Update Your Billing Records

To: Calvin Coolidge
From: Mike Check
Subject: Loan modification saves your home

To: Andrew Johnson
From: Salty Robocar
Subject: Make $75 per online survey?

To: Woodrow Wilson
From: Christian Dating
Subject: New Private Community Giving Residual Income to You !?

To: Dwight D. Eisenhower
From: Dr. Steamy
Subject: Vi@gra (Sildenafil) 100mg x 60 pills US $ 2.17 Per Pill

To: Herbert Hoover
From: Debbie Pulpman
Subject: Causing an Erection

To: Chelsea Clinton
From: Angel_Haplin
Subject: Firms Must Prepare to Become Mandatory Reporting Standard

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