Losing contestants of the Radio Quiz will receive:

Year's supply of radio wax.
Green tote bag that reads "Radio Quiz Loser."
Home version of radio quiz (AA batteries and radio not included).

11" ruler, from Irregulars Liquidators.
Dull-Point Brand No. 2 lead pencil.
Abridged dictionary.

Radio Quiz logo wristwatch.

A trio* of portable electronic devices from Radio Shack: nocturnal-powered calculator, Pocket Inside-Flush Poker Player, 5-Player Pocket Pong (4 friends not included).

A trio* of puzzle books: Silver Anniversary Sunday New York Times Omnibus of Fill-In Grids; Connect-the-Dots, Featuring Your Favorite Numbers From Sudoku Puzzles; Large-Print Word Searches.

Rejection letter for membership to public radio.

*Trio means "three."

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