Attention Mall Security 2009

See Also: Attention Mall Security 2007, Paul Blart: Mall Cop videogame

Attention mall security, attention mall security. Code Gross in the second floor men's room. Code Gross.

Attention mall security, attention mall security. Code Poser at Forever 21. Code Poser.

Attention mall security, ongoing robbery at Crate & Barrel, and we're not talking their high prices. Seriously, though, check it out, getting kinda violent.

Attention mall shoppers, we have retrieved a missing Barnes and Noble membership card, which offers reasonable discounts on books and magazines.

Attention baseball cap kiosk guy: keep your voice down. We can hear you from the security gate.

Attention mall shoppers, fire sale at Macy's.

Attention mall security, fire at Macy's.

ShoeVille requests the presence of Dr. Drunk Teenagers. Paging Dr. Drunk Teenagers to ShoeVille.

Attention mall security, fashion disaster at Mervyn's.

Attention mall shoppers, did anybody lose a kid?

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