Family Restaurant Menu, Part 15: To-Go Menu

Order your meal here, close the deal at home.
Please don't wait for your order at our tables. Tables are for closers.

New! To-Go only! Morning Meeting Munchbox.

One state-of-the-art insular paper portable canteen of inferior coffee.

One dozen of our Business Breakfast Bagels. Guaranteed to have one good bagel and eleven inedible ones. First come, first served: fresh lobster bagel, plain (thawed), plain (stale), mincemeat, sticky onion, rock salt, one everything bagel featuring poppies, and 6 pumpernickels.

Cream Cheese Straw Pack: 2 plain cream cheese straws, 2 chives, 2 strawberry cream, 1 chococheese, 2 salmon, 1 vanilla frosting.

Morning Meeting Muffins: blueberry, cranberry, bran, corn. WARNING: Muffins turn poisonous when left in an office kitchen.

New! High Quantity Low Price Sandwiches Tray
12 Meter-Long Sub sandwiches for just $8.99. Feed your family or eat them all yourself. We won't judge.

New! To-Go only! Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza 5 Pie Pizza Pie
5 large combos come out of the oven and get stacked into a deep-dish pizza box. Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza 5 Pie Pizza Pie contains one Meat Tapper's pizza, one Veggie Shagger's pizza, one Hawaiian Lover's pizza, one Sex Liker's pizza, and one pepperoni.

New! To-Go only! Bucket of Pork Chops.
Make your party a pork chop party. Sample a dozen of our brand-name pork chops: 2 OriginalChops, 2 CrispyChops, 1 DoubleChop, 1 Bacon DoubleChop, 2 Apple Sauce Stuff'dChops, 2 BeefChops, 1 MysteryChop, and 6 piece ChopNuggets.

New! To-Go only! Miley Cyrus Birthday Cake.
Luscious velvet chocolate cake frosted with the inscription: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILEY CYRUS!

To-Go Beverages.
Coffee. Small $1.25. Large $1.45. Choice of Greek columns or stud poker paper cup.
Tea. Small $1.25. Large $1.45. Served in a Styrofoam cup. Choice of blue teabag label, orange label, or fancy label.

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From Legal
Don't forget to mention Meter-Long Sub sandwiches are made from rat meat.

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Too late.

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To Marketing
Did you by chance go forward in time and include this email thread in the menu again?

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Deborah Walker said...

When I saw the restaurant menu prices , I cannot believe my eyes. I can have them within my little amount also. This is so great to take my family and enjoy the meal in there.