Contest Results

Yuks of Canucks (November 2009)
We presented a photo college of famous personalities and asked, "Find all the funny Canadians."

The solution was Catherine O'Hara, located above Jim Carrey, below Michael J. Fox, and in between Rich Hall and the cast of "Kids in the Hall."

Out of 1,600 correct answers, we randomly selected Mike Spiegelman, who wins a new Luggage Tuesdays t-shirt.

Lover's Grid (November 2009)
Our intern Gary created a word search with an exclusive message for his steady girlfriend. We asked our readers to find it too.

Here's Gary's solution:

There were no correct answers, but Gary's girlfriend wins a used Luggage Tuesdays t-shirt, courtesy of Mike Spiegelman.

Mr. Thishead's Celebrity Anagram Challenge (December 2009)
The venerable and wildly-popular puzzlemaster Mr. Thishead gave us an exclusive challenge for our December contest: Describe a celebrity using letters from his or her name.
Unfortunately, Mr. Thishead canceled the contest after receiving many entries using his own name.
No Luggage Tuesdays t-shirts were exchanged.

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