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Retrieve your Luggage Tuesdays password with these three easy steps:

Is your password the name of your hometown? Current town? Street name? Father's name? Mother's name? Sister's name? First-born's name? The name of your other kid? Your dead pet's name? Your current pet's name? Something about Star Wars? Cartoon character that influenced your generation? Fred Flintstone? Smurfs? Something from YouTube? Popular catch phrase, like "Wasabi!" from those beer commercials? Is your Luggage Tuesdays password identical to your Yahoo! password? Hotmail password? Is your password the word "guest" or "guest1"? Is it an Internet meme, like "Chuck Norris" or "lolcats"? Is there a number in your password? Is it 69? 666? ATM PIN? 911? Is it a birth date? Old zip code? Last four digits of a beloved phone number? That's all I got.

Via Answering Pre-Answered Security Questions
When you originally registered, we gave you an option to answer Security Questions in case your password gets lost. Simply reanswer these questions with your initial answers to retrieve your password. (If you never did answer the questions in the first place, here's how you do it: First, enter your username and password to log in. Go to SETTINGS, then PASSWORD, then SETTINGS, then VERIFICATION, then PROFILE, then VERIFICATION SETTINGS).

What is your porno name?

What are you allergic to?

Where were you when you heard about President Kennedy's assassination?

Was your uncle creepy or not? (Security question brought to you by Uncles Against Creepy Stereotypes)

What is your password?

Via Mail
Send a self-addressed stamped 3x5" postcard to: LUGGAGE TUESDAYS, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Attn: PASSWORD. Allow 6-8 weeks delivery. Include username and password to process request.

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