Alternative Things to Do 1/13/11 Lists

Wake up at 7am.
Soak beans prior to morning commute.
After rush hour, drain and rinse beans.
Cook immediately.
Dine at 10 pm.

Sort beans and put in pan.
Add water, up to an inch or two above the beans.
Bring to boil.
Maintain boil for only minute.
Cut heat.
Let sit for two hours.
Cook immediately.
Dine at 10 pm.

Open can of beans.
Rinse and drain to get canned taste out.
Return beans to can and heat over open flame.
Ride rails.

Buy milk.
Complete tasks from 2008's, 2009's, and 2010's "Things To Do" lists.
Finish writing themed "Things to Do 1/11/11" list.

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