Overheard Over Tic-Tac-Toe

"Aw, almost!"
"A tie?!"
"I didn't even see that coming!"
"You're always X."
"One more game."
"Whoopi to block."
"Get your own damned pencil!"
"Wait, diagonals count?"
"You gotta drink!"
"We're going to need more paper!"
"Good move!"
"OK, best out of seven."
"I knew I should have gone to the bottom middle space after you opened with top right corner, but no, I had to pick the central square."
"This sucks. Let's play Hangman."
"Circle takes the square."
"Double or nothing."
"You clearly cheated."
"Why did I go there?"
"We're playing a metaphor."
(robotically) "Shall we play a game?"
"Have you heard of this radical new game called 'Connect Four?'"
"When are they going to rescue us?"

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