Things I Take for Granted

No one will bum my menthols.

No one has ever notified the police regarding an ongoing car alarm.

Television monitors in elevators do not air TV shows: just weather, news headlines, and local business information.

Submarines function better underwater.

The smoker at the bus stop is complaining about the bus being late.

That cell phone user on the bus: probably a jerk.

That new movie looks like ass.

Narnia doesn't exist in the IKEA showroom.

Women will mention that their boyfriends also like that.

The internet hates me.


wagthedad said...

Having created the internets about six months ago, I can assure you that we don't hate you. Numbers 1-9 are dead-on. Menthols? Who smokes menthols? Sorry, my parents. Also, I smoke and when the bus is late I just smoke another one.
Anyway, I like your blog.

Anonymous said...

We totally notified the police one time about an ongoing car alarm, but it was really loud and the middle of the night. And someone appeared to be stuck in the car too. Everyone for blocks was awakened.

Enjoyed your list too.