The Golden Gate Bridge: Ruining Marin County's View for 75 Years

Pictured: The author and the Bridge, Saturday, May 26, 2012. Not pictured: USS Iowa, free Odwalla

This summer, SF celebrates 75th anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge and the 2nd anniversary of the closing of the Transbay Terminal.

The official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is International Orange. You can tell it's international because it's wearing a fanny pack.

For Golden Gate Bridge's 75th birthday, pedestrians will wear old-timey clothes, bicyclists will ride old-timey bikes and both will yell at each other.

Breaking News: Suburbanites Who Take Tunnel to The City Feel Shunned By Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Celebration.

Just thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge makes me want to play Grand Theft Auto San Andres again.

Why isn't the Golden Gate Bridge gold? Because the "Golden Gate," which, like most of SF, was probably named after a 1850's prostitute.

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After the jump, videos of the author and the Bridge:

Picture: Paul Whitehouse

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