Fonzie Jokes

What is Fonzie's favorite baseball team? 
The Aaaayy's.

What is Fonzie's favorite letter?
Fonzie is illiterate.

Why did Fonzie jump the shark?
To get to the other side.

Why is Fonzie's leather jacket displayed inside the Smithsonian Institution?
Because Buffalo Exchange wouldn't buy any of Fonzie's second-hand clothes.

There once was a Fonz who said "Aaaayyy!"
He acted like everything's okaaaayyy.
A Tuscadero named Pinky
Violated his stinky,
Fonzie came though it's hecka gaaaayyy.
[[I'm not sure about this one!-Editor]]

Fonzie Meets Mork (Happy Days #136, "Mork Returns")

Why does Fonzie tap the jukebox?
Fonzie can't afford an iPad.

How does Fonzie tie his shoes?
With little Fonzies.

Why did Ron Howard star in "Happy Days" after starring in the similarly nostalgic "American Graffiti"?
It was either that or direct.

Why is Fonzie's office in the men's bathroom?
Fonzie deals drugs.

Why does Joanie loves Chachi?
Because Chachi is not a creepy old white dude who lives above Joanie's garage.

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