My New Year's Eve Nachos Resolutions for 2013

Next year I resolve, nachos-wise: evenly dab sour cream throught the plate and not just in one corner. stop saying nachbros. order nachos in Spanish only if I know Spanish. cover nachos in refried beans, not whole beans. refer to super nachos no longer as "epic fail nachos from hell." [INSERT 2013 SOCIAL MEDIA TREND] my nachos. PRESIDENT-ELECT JOKE. turn old nachos into jigsaw pieces, regift as jigsaw puzzles.
...not to mix in relish, kraut, chopped onions, or mustard from the hot dog fixin' bar. That's gilding the lily. replace corn chips with lettuce, tomatoes for salsa, cucumbers for jalapeƱo peppers, sliced red onions for chopped white onions, alfalfa sprouts for cilantro (pictured), carrots for green onions, radishes for ground beef, olives for sour cream, and oil and vinegar for nacho cheese when making nachos for Gary. go back in time and stop Ignacio Anaya.
...I did it, nachbros, I went back in time and stopped Ignacio Anaya! Nachbros?

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