Hack List June 2012

  • Give it up to yourselves and your host, working hard for you. Good to be back. Hey, who here likes fortune cookies? Not me. If I wanted my fortune told, why would I want a cookie with that? Because I'm a fat-ass? Why multi-task at a time like this? 
  • Why do restaurants cover the bill with mints or fortune cookies? It's like the sweets are the god cop and the check is the bad cop. "Have a cookie. I'm helplessly wrapped in plastic," and you pick it up and the bill is all like, "Where's the body? Where did you bury the body!" 
  • Finally, don't you hate it when after a dinner date, your date cuts the evening short, calls it a night and hails a cab home without you? Maybe your relentless riffing was a turn-off. stop with the light, I said I was closing.

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