Road Trip to Pluto at the Darkroom Theater, Nov 2, 3, 9, 10

(l. to r.) Psycho, Princess, the Commander, Cap'n.

This is the show. Please come.
Science fiction, sketch comedy, bad movie heckling, singing, NPR fanfic, bitterness.
Road Trip to Pluto
Fridays & Saturdays, Nov 2, 3, 9, 10, 2012 8pm
Darkroom Tix

Starring Melinda Bailey, Mike Spiegelman, and Dave Chambers, with Stefin Collins, Colin Mahan, Dave McKew, and Alexia Staniotes as Pluto. Written and Directed by the Bitter Show.

Pluto (left) kidnaps Terry Gross.

When Pluto loses her planet status, she kidnaps the host of NPR's Fresh Air, Terry Gross. NPR then hires Cap’n, Psycho and Princess to journey to the edge of the galaxy and confront the bitter ex-planet. Along their way they encounter outer space American patriots, megamalls, full-fat mayo and every planet following Earth.

The Bitter Show: Mike Spiegelman, Melinda Bailey, Dave Chambers.

The Bitter Show have performed at the 2008 SF Fringe with their play, "Monster in a Well" and the 2010 SF Fringe with "Road Trip to Pluto: The Bitter Planet," staged at the venerable 4 Star Movie House in San Francisco.

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