Meet the Internet [January 2013]

Welcome to Luggage Tuesdays, a humor site I've run since 2007. I'm Mike Spiegelman.

There are many ways to view new content without going to the site:

RSS Feed - add it to your RSS reader.
Facebook - get notified on your favorite website.
Twitter -  get notified on my favorite website.
Friendfeed - remember Friendfeed?

Podcast - Using text-to-speech technology, transforms written posts into audio mp3s. I've been using this service for 4 or 5 years now.

Want to view old content?

Archives - on the right-hand side of the site is an Archive button (file cabinet icon), but I prefer using the Twitter page which lists all posts with links.
Best of Luggage Tuesdays - Taking the Twitter page as archives concept a little further, I've "starred" the best material, which can be found on the Twitter account's Favorites page.
Compilations - I've complied old material and posted it on Scribd. There are embedded below.

Want even more content?

Ebaumsworld - I've been blogging there.
Hanging With My Tweeps - Live weekly video podcast. I post them on Luggage Tuesdays.
Luggage Tuesmblrs - Official Tumblr site. Lots of stuff that wouldn't fit the official site.
Other Tumblr sites: Fuck Yeah Victoria Jackson, Aw Snap!, @Spiegelmania, Layover Comedy Night, The Bitter Show.

Superhero Parody 2012 Annual

Restaurant Menu Parody

The Mike Spiegelman Joke Book

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