Televised Typos: The Best Screengrabs of Poor Proof-Reading

NFL Playoff's [sic] News.

Cold algutenin [sic].
"THIS SHOW IS HILARIOUS" John Stewart [sic].


Children Cruisade [sic]. 


Furture [sic] Focus.

Aristotele [sic].

Live Nude Review [sic].

Well [sic] add a chance to win $1000 in cash to your plans.

A puss-filled [sic] blister.

Twice-friend-and-mashed [sic] green plantains.

Grammy nominsted [sic] album Divided By Night.

Reasonable Crimes That Succeded [sic].

Company Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta
["Paula's Best Dishes"] 

This exclusive collection of TV's tortured text originally appeared as a regular series in Luggage Tuesdays under the heading "From The Editor."  Photos by Karen Spiegelman. Her editing rate is quite reasonable.

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