Plug: Mike Spiegelman Performs at the 13th Annual San Francisco Sketchfest

The 2014 San Francisco Sketchfest is now happening and Luggage Tuesdays' own Mike Spiegelman will be performing in two shows. Catch Mike as tells many jokes that first premiered on this site, as well as all-new jokes about salt.

Funny Shits
Sunday, January 26th, 8pm, The Rite Spot 21+ BUY TICKETS
With with Kaseem Bentley, JC Coccoli, Anita Drieseberg, Jesse Elias, Andrew Holmgren, Brendan Lynch, Ronn Vigh, Mike Spiegelman and Kate Willett Hosted by Jeff Cleary

Colin Mahan in Balltrap: A Crock Opera, Lester Milton, Bellevue. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman
Saturday, February 8th, Midnight, The Dark Room BUY TICKETS FREE COFFEE.
I'll be giving away Mike Spiegelman Joke Book zines.

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