DVD Movie Chapter Index

Chapter Index
1. Warner Brothers/Revolution Studios/Franchise Films/Icon Pictures/Silver Screen Partners IV Logos
2. Main Title
3. Introducing The 'Smooth Operator'
4. Waiting for Joe
5. Cupid's Uncertain Aim
6. First Fight Scene
7. "I Can't Believe They Killed Joe in That Last Fight!"
8. Joe's Widow Notified
9. Visit From Parole Officer
10. "God, I Hate My F#cking P.O.!"
11. The Sexy Lady Returns
12. "Are We Gonna Have Sex?"
13. "Totally."
14. The Next Morning
15. Second Fight Scene
16. Gang Plans a Heist - Montage
17. The Set-Up
18. The Heist - Part I
19. Lunch Time
20. "Let's Eat at McDonald's."
21. Lunch Over
22. The Heist - Part II
23. Final Fight Scene
24. They All Die At The End
25. Surpise Ending - The Virgin Lives
26. Setting Up Premise For Sequel
27. One More Plug For McDonald's
28. End Credits
29. Last Scene Shown After End Credits That Only Lonely Assholes Like Me Watch

Access the special features by pressing the MENU key on your DVD player's remote control.


Director's Commentary
Meet The Cast
Censored Out-Takes
Navy Recruitment Ad
Sneak Peeks: Now In Theaters/Now Available On DVD
Hidden Easter Egg
Easter Egg is Ben Stiller in a fat suit, riffing. Totally not worth it.

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