movie screener report

Hi luggagetuesdays, call me Mr. Preview, because I'm now reporting about a special movie "test screening" held at the local Loews 6. We all signed a "NDA," meaning I can't give away the details but I can be vague about it. A CERTAIN TV STAR and THAT GUY FROM AMERICAN PIE like to smoke a lot of TYPE OF DRUG LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA wake up and their TRANSPORTATION is missing, and one guy, you know from the FOX TV SHOW THAT TOOK PLACE DURING THE 1970s, says, "FRIEND, WHAT IS THE LOCATION OF THE VEHICLE OF MINE?" and then something about a "continum transfuctioner" and what's her name from 24.

UPDATE: A lot of people have been emailing and asking me, Mr. Preview, if the movie in question is "Dude, Where's My Car?" Again, I can't tell you. NDA.
Signed,Mr. Preview

Full disclosure: This happened eight years ago.

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