Family Restaurant Menu, Part One: Appetizers

New! Boneless Pizza Fries
New and improved, now without bones. (Sorry about the bones.)

New! Ruffalo Wings
Before your meal, enjoy the above-average, complex, moody taste of actor Mark Ruffalo. Comes with Sunrise Coigney dipping sauce.

New! New England Nacho Eggrolls
Nachos are America's favorite appetizer, and now they are shaped like America's second favorite appetizer, with a wisp of New England wicked pisser chipotle sauce.

New! Bacon Strips
8 crispy sizzling strips of bacon, served without garnish.
Add Bacon...$1.50 extra

New! Brownies
Eat a plate of brownies before dinner.
Add Bacon...$1.50 extra

New for Kids! Mr. Potato Head's Potato Skin Heads
Add color to your kid's face with our white powerful snack. Sponspored by Hasbro, Pixar and the National Alliance.


Ed Attanasio said...

Love it Speegs! Good seeing you last night. Hey, do you want to do reciprocal links. Check out my blog at:

Dean said...

OK, now I'm hungry... you and Laundrybasket aren't going to have some huge Martin & Lewis career meltdown, are you?

CC News Feeds said...

Mark Ruffallo wings were way overrated.