Learning Annex Classes

How to Make Friends at Learning Annex Classes
Learning Annex reveals the friend-making secrets of joining Learning Annex classes. No needy.

Write Your Own Family Circus Captions
Don't give Bil Keane the last laugh. His Family Circus panel sure is funny, but you know funny. Create your own 'tag-lines' and alter content just like shit-heel hipsters did fifteen years ago.

How to Drink
Be a charming drunk. Learn to pour Jim Beam into empty beer bottles at socials. Don't buy at the same liquor shops. Come on, it's only 2 in the morning. I know a place.

Hide the Sausage, But Eat the Cream
Learning Annex's most popular class about keeping a kosher kitchen.

Learn Irony
Irony isn't about conflicts contrasted comedically, like 'rain on your wedding day.' It isn't using air quotes, stop doing that. It wasn't that scene in 'Reality Bites' or saying 'whatever' every time I complain about irony. You make me sick.

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