Family Restaurant Menu, Part Two: Salads

New! Veggie Greens Salad
Our signature house salad has fresh organic romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, green peppers, bean sprouts, and celery. Our least popular dish.

MEATerize Your Salad with MEAT
Add beef strips...add $1.50
Add shrimp strips...add $1.50
Add chicken nuggets...add $.50

Chicken Caesar Salad
Make your date think you're on a diet. Good old predictable chicken Caesar salad.

New! BLT Salad
Experience your favorite a salad!! We take strips of crispy bacon, carefully layer bacon in between slices of tomato and lettuce, and serve it within our patented edible square toast plate. We then top it with another piece of toast and serve with Miracle Whip dressing. Again, not a sandwich.

New! MBA Salad
The finest business majors created a fresh research-backed, focus groups-approved medley of iceberg lettuce, bacon, frosting, onion rings, baby corn, and Zac Efron.

New! Junk Dunked Taco Salad
Our ensalada del taco has 1/3 lb refried seasoned ground beef, smothered in spicy shredded cheese, jalepenos, artifical guacamole spread, and corn chips, and placed in an edible taco bowl. Then, to make sure there's still no vegetables in this salad, the chef will personally dunk his junk in each salad.

Salad Bar
Please obey salad bar rules, posted.

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Unknown said...

CCS! Caesar means "fried" and Chicken means "good", so TELL ME MORE!!!