Salad Bar Rules

File Under: Salad Jokes

No shirt, no shoes, no service.
No sneakers, demin jeans, baseball caps, track suits, gang colors.
Please respect the surrounding neighborhood when smoking outside salad bar. Keep your conversations down.
Blue dishes are for Kosher Bar only.
Tonight is Dairy Night at Kosher Bar.
Do not place meat on blue dishes.
No grazing.
Coyote Ugly dancing prohibited on counter.
The bartender is always right.
Sneeze guard is not a conversation piece. Do not touch.
Tuesday is no longer Ladies' Night.
City of Los Angeles Health Code: B
No credit.
Do not tip DJ.
Weight of plate deducted from final weighing.
No Irish.

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Unknown said...

Is this salad bar in San Francisco? Can we had the rule "No putting your dick in the potato salad"? Just in case.