Non-Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency, please call 911.

Occasionally a conflict might not be life-threating, and thereby considered a "non-emergency." Calling specialists in particular fields would be more appropriate. The following is a partial list for any "non-emergency." For your convenience, blank spaces have been provided where readers can personally write down phone numbers, conviently found alphabetically elsewhere in this phone book. Or call 411.

Sheriff's Office _____________________
Deputy Sheriff's Office _____________________
Deputy Sheriff's Cell Phone Number _____________________
Fire Department, Chili Cook-Off Division _____________________
CSI: Miami Field Office _____________________
Boy Scouts Sea Scouts of Berkeley, CA _____________________
Poison Control Test Kitchen _____________________
Beaver Patrol _____________________
Free Clinic, Timeshares Presentations _____________________
Crackhouse Directory _____________________
Suicide Prevention/Nightlife Music Listings _____________________
Homeland Security _____________________
GameStop _____________________
Lemon Fresh Joy Information Line _____________________
Prom King Tuxedos _____________________
Andy Dick's Publicist _____________________
Ex-Girlfriend _____________________
Keebler Elves _____________________

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