Yo Baby Jokes

Your baby's diaper is so poopy, RFD-TV named it Fertilizer of the Year.

Your baby's diaper is so poopy, Disney's gonna remake it with Tim Allen.

Your baby's diaper is so shitty, it aired on television as "Viva Laughlin!"

Your baby's diaper is so full of shit, it got a job at the HR Department at a temp agency.

Your baby's diaper more packed with shit than two chili Spicy Big Bites, a

SnackSize bag of Ranch Doritos, and a Mountain Dew.

Your baby's diaper leaks so much shit that something something the Coast Guard. Or something Greenpeace. Never mind, baby's crying.

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Only Look said...

They don't stay that way long and before long you long to hold them in your arms again...and maybe even change another diaper:-)