What's cheaper than a billboard and classier than a city bench?

Your advertisement in the phone book!
The phone book was just voted 2007 Book of the Year by patients with OCD and PTSD. #1 among RightChat 590 AM Listeners.

Reach millions of phone users. Those talkers' eyeballs will smell like foot traffic right in your company's hands, and that's revenue you can taste.

Lawyers - Gain the respect you deserve. Let the world see your 1-800 number!
Hotels - Our Art Department will retouch photos. Eliminate crusty bed stains.
Private Schools - Get the enrollment you crave.

Ideal for Pizzerias * Taxi Depots * Stalking Goods Stores

Call our Marketing Department for more.

Se Habla Espanol.
Por ejemplo, yo quiero un Monster Taco, por favor.

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