Answers to Yesterday's Brain Teasers

1. b

2. True

3. Trick question: Roosters don't drive cars.

4. After the sole surviving castaway was rescued, he arrived at the restaurant, ordered squab, ate his meal, then killed himself. Why? ANSWER: When deserted on the island, the fellow castaways told him he was eating squab. But after his restaurant meal, the castaway realised he wasn't eating squab at all; he was eating chicken.

5. A man points to a portrait. He says, "Brothers and Sisters I Have None/But This Man's Father Is My Father's Son." ANSWER: The portrait is a picture of his genitals.

Solution to Sudoku: four, two, nine, three, seven, five, six, eight, one; one, five, eight, four, six, nine, three, two, seven; six, three, seven, two, one, eight, nine, four, five; nine, four, six, seven, three, two, one, five, eight; eight, seven, three, nine, five, one, two, six, four; two, one, five, six, eight, four, seven, nine, three; five, six, two, one, four, seven, eight,three, nine; three, eight, one, five, nine, six, four, seven, two; seven, nine, four, eight, two, three, five, one, six.

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