Family Restaurant Menu, Part 6.3: Entrees: Foie Gras Favorites

NEW! Spicy Foie Gras Calamari
Rings of squid covered in spicy teriyaki foie gras sauce.

NEW! Grilled Foie Gras Caesar Salad
Lettuce gets tossed with Caesar dressing, toasted croutons and anchovies, served with grilled marinated foie gras.

Try our classic sandwich of bacon, lettuce, foie gras, and tomato.

NEW! Ciabatta Foie Gras
Foie gras gets covered in grilled onions and tangy mustard on a hot ciabatta bun.

NEW! Stuffed Flounder
Ahoy! Get stuffed with fresh fillets of flounder, stuffed with real crabmeat and foie gras.

NEW! Mac and Cheese and Foie Gras
Macaroni gets smothered in a tangy cheese, porcini mushroom, and foie gras sauce.

NEW! Foie Gras Stackers
Get foie gras and cheese "your way" with the Foie Gras Stacker. Choose from double, triple or quadruple layers of foie gras and cheese -- topped with bacon and truffles. No veggies allowed.

NEW! Homestyle Foiegrasloaf
Mom will wonder who stole her recipe when she tastes this.

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Dean said...

A sandwich that's illegal in Chicago? Now THAT'S good eatin'...