Family Restaurant Menu, Part 6.2: Entrees: Food From Our Commercials

You drove here for a reason. Now eat what you see on TV!

Served by smiling waitstaff. Ethnically diverse friends available upon request.

NEW! Slow-Motion Flame-Kissed Tossed Pan-Fried Shrimp
In our kitchen, a metal pan will throw four shrimp over a flame in slow motion. Comes with a salad of slow-motion exploding wet lettuce.

NEW! Stuff Poured on Steaks
We crumble blue cheese on an otherwise perfectly good piece of meat, then we drip honey mustard bacon pesto tartar sauce on it.

NEW! Bouncing Fried Shrimp
Hot breaded fried shrimp land on a white plate and immediately bounce. Served with a shower of slowly spraying lemon wedges.

NEW! Sauce-Brushed Tong-Handled Melody-Blessed Baby Back Ribs
Here our humane essence of cooking shines. Using metal tongs, we place pork on the grill, then tastefully layer sauce on it using a paintbrush, all the while singing songs about baby back ribs.

NEW! Telegenic Lobster
Get sprayed by shellfish juice when you crack open our freshly frozen genuine locally shipped lobster.

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