Things to Do During a Blackout

File Under: Topical Humor, PG&E Jokes

Send the message "BLACKOUT" on Mental Twitter.
Eat the earthquake food.
Light all the scented candles, then let loose.
Listen for car accidents.
When handling a flashlight, keep ghost stories under two minutes.
Call for chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.
Fax jokes to Leno via the solar fax machine.
Watch "Introduction to iPod Video" a hundred million times.
Play Tetris Demo on cell phone until thumbs hurt.
Write your deepest secret in the dark.
When I was twelve, I stuck a fuzzy troll doll in my pants to see how it would feel on my junk but after two hours it got sweaty so I took it out and placed it on the back window of home room but during sixth period recess these kids found it and one said, "Man, this troll doll stinks bad!"

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