Family Restaurant Menu, Part 7: Desserts

Due to rising costs, the sundae bar now shares space with the salad bar. Please follow the Sundae Bar Rules.

Malts and shakes can now be found in the Beverages section of the menu, thanks to the recent Supreme Court ruling, State Board v. Fat Kid.

New! Spongy Blob Square Cake
Are you ready, Dessert Eaters? Aye-aye, Dessert Captain. I can't hear you... Aye-aye, Dessert Captain! Oh! Who tastes like a pineapple soaked in Jim Bean? Spongy Blob Square Cake! Spongy and yellow and tasty is he! Spongy Blob Square Cake! You must be at least 21 years old with proper ID to eat this animated taste treat. Animated taste treat is not affiliated with Nickelodeon Networks and is not part of the Kids Menu.

New! Ice Cream
Moo-ve over, cupcakes, because ice cream's back in town! Now available in a bowl, cone, or on a waffle. Flavors:
Vanillish, Chocolatey, Strawblerry, Bananasque Foster, Sanka Swirl, Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies Encore Edition

New! Foodie Regression Pie
Why do restaurant reviewers write caustic, urbane critiques of entrees, then regress into a creepy child voice when discussing desserts? One tasters of our yum-yum pie and you'll say, "More, pwease!"

New! Philly Style Cheesecake
Here's a sweet alternative to rude New York style cheesecake. Made from fresh Pennsylvania cheese, it's served with grilled onions and peppers on whatever those rolls are.

New! American Dessert Tray
For dessert in Europe, the garçon wheels over a cart of four desserts. The patrons selects one. The garçon then wheels the tray back into the kitchen and returns with a fresh dessert. We offer you strawberry tart, caramel flan, chocolate cake, or caramel chocolate strawberry flan tart cake, with an American twist: We let you eat all four!

New! Plate of Brownies
It's a plate of brownies.

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