Family Restaurant Menu, Part 9.1: Brunch: Fun-Facts about Brunch

* Brunch was discovered in 1868 by Dr. Brunchenstein.

* According to Wikipedia: "Brunch traditionally begins an hour after breakfast and before Howard Stern."

* Celebrities born during brunch include character actor David Morse and physicist Albert Einstein.

* To turn any breakfast into brunch, simply cook your meal and wait outside your apartment for an hour before seating. Serve meal cold and with an attitude.

* Once upon the nineteenth century in New York state, a gentleman ordered a side of fried 'taters that came out too thick for his liking. He personally complained to the Indian cook about his meal and demanded thinner-sliced fried potatoes, which was considered blasphemy at the time. The cook sliced the skinniest chips from a potato, fried them in lard, and heavily salted them. The gentleman took one bite and was so impressed, he personally took the cook out for brunch. That gentleman was none other than Dr. Frito-Lays. The Indian cook was never heard from again. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact his family at 1-866-MIS-COOK.


scormeny said...

Ugh, I hate Howard Stern. I think I'll sleep in and have brunch DURING the Howard Stern show, and that will make the day even better.

Autumn really lends itself to brunch! I'm all about the croque monsieur, it's a ham sandwich and french toast all in one.

Dale G said...

This is a great post thannks