Family Restaurant Menu, Part 9.6: Brunch: Sunday Comics Brunch Menu

Due to legal reasons, we are unable to include the visual images of Sunday newspaper comics promoting our brunch specials. Here are vague transcriptions:

Sardonic Cat
Pet Owner: Got a date today with Marci!
Sardonic Cat: Yeah, right.

Pet Owner: Gonna go out for brunch!
Sardonic Cat: Do even you know what brunch is?

Pet Owner: Sure, it's the sound you make when you munch on something cold.
Sardonic Cat: Oy. Wake me when it's Tuesday.

Three-Ring Family
Mother: Who ate my waffle brunch platter?
Little Boy: It wasn't me.
A ghost with the words "It wasn't me" written on it: Mmm, those waffles were good!

Light-Colored-Hair Girl and Her Bum of a Husband
Husband: I hope my boss doesn't catch me sleeping at my desk.
Boss: (entering office): Gadtree!

Husband: I can explain, Boss!
Boss: Explain what? We're late for brunch!

Husband: Oh boy, brunch! I'm going to make one of my famous Gadtree sandwiches!
Boss: What's in it?

Husband: Ham, turkey, roast beef, salami, bologna, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, 4 slices of bread, and toothpicks with olives in them.
Boss: Egads, how did you come up with that?

Husband: I have OCD.
Boss: !!!

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