Super-Villains Missed Connections

Saw you in the magazine aisle at Long's 10/22 - w4m - (Beverly Center, Hollywood)
Me: fighting Ms. Patriot near the pharmacy section, emitting Sonic Blows. You: reading GQ. So cute, never knew men still read that. Coffee?

No Name Sushi, Asian Girl - m4w - (Church Street)
You watched me lose a battle to superhero Super Captain Seven. I think you're Japanese, or Korean, but please don't be offended by my rascism. After all, I am the Mighty Xenophobe.

*****Brunette Man being tossed around by Incredible Hulk *** - m4m (Former downtown Pittsburgh)
You were in a blue Toyota by where the Trader Joe's used to be. The Hulk lifted your car and threw you to me. Destiny? Email me the Ring Master36 at

Space Marine Named Woodman - ?4m (Space Dimension Alpha)
Enjoyed talking to you, albiet briefly. Didn't intend to eat your squad, either. Was having a bad tentacle day. Never got to hear your answer to my inquiry, "What is love?"

On Bus Route 38 (San Francisco)
Yesterday morning. Me: Off to refight superhero Blonde Bombshell. You: reading paper, blonde hair, hot legs. Winds up we have the same burn mark on our faces. Destiny or coincidence?

Party Girls at Lincoln Memorial - m4w -(Dee Cee)
You 4 girls were tight Friday night. I was the second henchman to the right of the Ultimate Major Z. If you see this post let me know!


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saw you at the Michigan game....will also check out>AlmostConnected</a>

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