Magicians' Secrets. Secrets Magicians Keep Secret from You, the Fish.

Many bars offer food during happy hour. The price of one cocktail or beer also covers peanuts, Chex Mix, or olives. Look for buffet offerings at taverns in more broken-down neighborhoods.

Pencil erasers make replacemnts for lost earring backs.

The first date makes a lousy time to reveal actual occupation. Tell them you're a magician only after doing it. Break the news at a quiet public place, like at a surburban buffet.

Parking in the city has never been easier on Sundays. Simply locate a church and double park outside it. Meter maids will think your car is one of the parishioners'.

Heat canola oil in skillet before adding chopped onions. When the onions become translucent, then whisk in spices. Chopped onions are available at any buffet.

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