Tom Swifties Salad Jokes 2009

File under: Salad Jokes.
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"This salad genuinely complements my meal," Tom Swifty said organically.

"I'll have the Caesar salad," Tom said imperially.

"Artichoke salad should never be served grilled," said Tom cold-heartedly.

"That's crazy talk to say all I do is talk about radicchio," Tom said ridiculously.

"I nearly choked on this spicy ranch dressing," Tom said hoarsely.

"I spent all night deveining ribs of celery," said Tom, strung-out.

"I love to eat my salad rolled into a flour tortilla," Tom said raptly.

"All these vegetables grew from my compost pile," said Tom, full of shit.

"You can tell a four-star restaurant by the way the waiter serves the salad. Oh, hang on, that's my iPhone ringing. I need to answer that," Tom said rudely.

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