Mnemonic Devices

All Bad Children Don't Ever Fuel Genuine Hollow Innovation, Just Kinda Like Mundane Nothingness, Ordinary Pap, Quizzical Really, Since Toddlers Utilize Very Weird "Xtreme" Yearnings, ZOMG. [The Alphabet]

2 Potato, 3 Potato, 5 Potato, 7. [Single-Digit Prime Numbers]

Tell Girls Stuff, Just Asking, Just Saying, So? [Grace Slick Rock Bands]

Salty Seaweed Sandwiches Sound So Savory [Sounds Snakes Make]

Prepare Yearly Rent Finances Internally,
Pay Your Recent Fines Often.
Prepare Yucky Rancid Flavored Ices,
As You Shave Ice All Alone. [The Hokey Pokey]


Unknown said...

2 is prime.

Mike said...

Corrected. Thanks, Tristan.

Post updated. Previous post featured bad math.

Unknown said...

Also 1 isn't prime (it's a definition thing).

Mike Spiegelman said...


And now I'm deadly afraid of prime numbers.